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The Circle 5 brand has been around for over 50 years. It started as a simple ranching brand from a family of five. Though somethings have changed over the years, our traditional values in ranching and our love for our animals has not. We bring that love through every product we offer to be carried on for the next generations.

Circle 5 Feeds is a premium animal feed manufacturing facility in Buhl, ID. We supply and deliver to folks local and regionally. Slowly but surely we are partnering with other feed stores across the country to proudly carry our products. In business since 2019, we had our stores Grand Opening on October 15, 2021. We are excited to help improve the lives of the animals in our community and beyond as well as the lives of their owners.


Β The Circle 5 Difference

We keep it simple. Less is more

When you choose Circle 5 Feeds, you're choosing a holistic approach that finds strength in simplicity. It's a choice to return to the heart of nature's wisdom, to embrace the purity of all-natural ingredients, and to provide your horses with the nutrition they've thrived on for centuries.

Less is more because less interference means more of what truly mattersβ€”vibrant, healthy, and happy horses. Join us in celebrating the beauty of simplicity, where nature's perfection meets equine excellence.

Circle 5 Feeds: Where Less is More, and Excellence is Simple.



Guaranteed Analysis

You should know what you are feeding your animals.Β 

When it comes to choosing the right feed for your animals, transparency and quality assurance are of paramount importance. At Circle 5 Feeds, we understand the significance of providing our customers with accurate information about our products. That's why we proudly feature Guaranteed Analysis on all our feeds.

Here....Lets delve into why Guaranteed Analysis is a crucial component of our commitment to delivering high-quality animal nutrition.

1. Honesty and Transparency: Circle 5 Feeds believes in maintaining the highest standards of honesty and transparency. By including Guaranteed Analysis on our product labels, we provide consumers with precise details about the nutritional content of our feeds. This transparency empowers our customers to make informed decisions and ensures they have a clear understanding of what they are providing to their animals.

2. Regulatory Compliance: In many countries, including the United States, providing Guaranteed Analysis is a legal requirement for animal feed manufacturers. We not only adhere to these regulations but go above and beyond to ensure that our labels provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. This commitment to compliance underscores our dedication to producing safe and reliable feeds for your animals.

3. Nutritional Assurance: Guaranteed Analysis provides essential information about the key components of our feeds, including protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. This data helps animal owners and farmers balance their animals' diets more effectively, ensuring that they receive the right nutrition to thrive. Whether you're feeding your horses, poultry, or pets, having access to these critical details can make a world of difference in animal health and performance.

4. Customized Nutrition: Different animals have different dietary needs. Guaranteed Analysis allows you to tailor your animals' diets according to their specific requirements. For instance, if you have a Performance Horse or a Broodmare, you can use this information to select the most suitable Circle 5 Feeds product. Customizing nutrition ensures that your animals receive the ideal balance of nutrients, resulting in better overall health and performance.

5. Quality Control: Circle 5 Feeds places a premium on quality control. By providing Guaranteed Analysis on our products, we not only communicate the nutritional value but also demonstrate our commitment to producing feeds of the highest quality. We regularly test and verify the nutritional content of our feeds, ensuring that every bag you purchase meets our rigorous standards.

In summary, Guaranteed Analysis on Circle 5 Feeds products is a testament to our commitment to transparency, quality assurance, and your animals' well-being. When you choose our feeds, you can trust that you're making an informed decision and providing your animals with the best possible nutrition. Whether you're a performance horse owner, a farmer, or a rancher, we are dedicated to helping you achieve superior results with the help of our carefully formulated and precisely labeled feeds.




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